Please Support the Traverse City Area Musician Relief Fund

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic musicians are losing their source of income, because of cancelled performances/events.

Your assistance now is appreciated more than ever.   

Donate Now | to Help Struggling Musicians (100% of the proceeds go toward critical assistance).

Our mission is to provide a safety net to Traverse City Area working musicians when an unforeseen medical emergency or disaster occurs.

About Us

The Traverse Area Musican's Relief Fund was Founded October 2013 by David Chown, Laurie Sears, and Charlie Lakritz. M'Lynn Hartwell, from Freshwater Events, has provided live audio services at Traverse Area Musican's Relief Fund events, and today she is actively involved in our effort to raise awareness and desperately needed funds to help musicians that are struggling.

Q: Why did we feel a need to start such an organization?

A: Musicians tend to be self-employed, and may not be able to afford full health insurance coverage. When a medical or other type of emergency arises, a musician may not only be faced with high medical bills, but also loss of income to pay other bills, which could cause their family to face bankruptcy, foreclosure, etc. The Traverse Area Musicians Relief Fund offers financial assistance to local musicians who are undergoing medical related hardships. These Musicians are providing their hard earned talent and artistry to make life better for our community.

Is the Relief Fund a non-profit organization? Not at this time. The Traverse Area Musican's Relief Fund coordinates fund raising events with the proceeds going directly to the individual in need, and their family.

How can you help?

You can make a contribution online Donate Now | to Help Struggling Musicians (100% of the proceeds go toward relief).

Or you may mail a donation with a check made out to the “Traverse Area Musician's Relief Fund”, and mail to PO Box Nine, Traverse City MI 49685

Some of the Musicians who have “payed it forward”

Jeff Haas, Chris Bickley, Al Jankowski, Dawn Campbell, Judy Harrison, Clark Harner, Stu Ford, Dan Jacobs, Ronnie Hernandez, David Chown, Laurie Sears, Phil Tarczon, Roger Tarczon, Andy Evans, Miriam Pico, Jerry Cameron, Steve Stargardt, Larry Wojcik, Laurie Sears, Chris Selby, Cris Pico, Brant Leonard, Janice Keegan, Brandon Everest, M'Lynn Hartwell, Jonathon Lindy, Blake Elliot, Charlie Tomlin, David Chown, Charlie Lakritz, Joshua James, Willie Kye, Matt Hathaway, Sandy Blumenfeld, Sour Mash, Elizabeth Rivers, Bob Downes, Doc Probes, Luke Balestrero, Aaron Balestrero, Noah Pickett, Mike Hunter, Mike Davis, the East Middle School Orchestra, New Third Coast, E Minor, Tom Heath Group, Sweetwater Blues Band, Bill Sears, and many more.

Are you a working musician? Do You Need Help Now?

Our heart is in the right place. We will review your request ASAP and get back with you as quickly as possible Financial Relief Request Form | Click Here

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